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Family History

Gist Family Catering Service was begun by Willie James Gist in June, 1988 at the graduation party of his wife Yvonne.  Willie had worked for over 30 years in the food industry at such places as Emerson's Steak House, Beefsteak Charlie's and Wendy's.  Willie started out as a bus boy, later to become a cook and advancing into management.

While establishing Gist Family Catering Service, Willie worked at Culli-Temps as a temporary Chef.  This position afforded him the opportunity to have a flexible schedule as he was growing the business.  Gist Family Catering's first regular clients were Africare and the  National Council of Negro Women.  He provided services to Verizon too.

The first establishment of Gist Family Catering Service was at 11th and Lamont Streets NW.  We outgrew this establishment within a year and moved to Vermont and R Streets NW around the corner from Metropolitan Baptist Church.  

Our current location is at 7816 Eastern Ave, NW. Gist Family Catering has always been located in Washington, DC.     

We lost Willie on February 15, 2009.    His wife Yvonne took over the ownership of the business.   Linda Badgett, his sister, serves as manager and Crystal Gist, his daughter, serves as assistant manager.  Poinier (Miss P) Roberts serves as Office Assistant.  The Board of Directors for the business consists of Yvonne, his wife and his daughters Nicole Gist Butler and Crystal Gist.

His grandchildren Britney and Christian Gist continue Willie's legacy by working at Gist Family Catering Service during the summer months and school holidays.